Jun 05, 2019

About encrypted backups on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Mar 20, 2020 Appdome | No-Code Data Encryption for Android & iOS Apps Appdome’s TOTALData™ Encryption encrypts Android & iOS apps fast. Prevent mobile app data leakage by encrypting the mobile app sandbox, strings, resources, in-app preferences, XML, DEX and more with AES-256 encryption or FIPS 140-2 cryptography, no coding required. Talk to a Security Specialist Complying with Encryption Export Regulations - Apple Inc. If your app uses, accesses, contains, implements, or incorporates encryption, this is considered an export of encryption software, which means your app is subject to U.S. export compliance requirements, as well as the import compliance requirements of the countries where you distribute your app. iOS/iPadOS app protection policy settings - Microsoft

If your app uses, accesses, implements or incorporates industry standard encryption algorithms for purposes other than those listed as exemptions under question 2, you need to submit for an ERN authorization. Examples of standard encryption are: AES, SSL, https.

7 best encrypted messaging and calling apps for iPhone on Jan 25, 2019

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Lock Photos, Videos and Files with Encryption on iPhone Securepad is a secure, feature-rich encrypted vault app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. It allows you to store Photos, Videos, GIF and PDF files, along with notes & personal data, such as account passwords, bank information, credit card details, etc. Every data stored within the app are encrypted with military grade AES-256 bit encryption.