Why is My Internet So Slow [Updated]

Oct 01, 2008 Slow Internet all of a sudden? - Verizon Fios Community We had my whole family over on Christmas (everyone hooked to my wifi) with no issue. Now we're in February and all of sudden it takes up to 5 minutes to load a show on Netflix (played through our roku). I called customer service and they persuaded me to upgrade to the 50/50. Of course the slow internet … Why has my internet become so slow all of a sudden Mar 07, 2009 Why Is My Internet So Slow All of a Sudden? | TekType Jul 08, 2011

My internet started to become slow out of no where and I didn't mess with my router/modem or any computer settings so I'm guessing it's a hardware problem. Pages take a while to load, some don't

Why is my internet slow all of a sudden?!? - Telstra Why is my internet slow all of a sudden?!? This problem comes and goes but it has been happening more and more frequently these days. My internet will be fine for a week or two and then for a few days and sometimes even a whole week it will slow down noticeably.

Jul 13, 2016

Why your internet is slow (and what you can do about it Test your internet's speed. Watching a web page slowly load doesn't always have to do with your … WiFi Suddenly Slow? Best Ways To Fix Slow WiFi Speeds Restart the Router. The popular restart the device fix works in many situations and it could be a fix …