Operating System: Microsoft Windows 8.1 (64-bit) Hi- I am having serious issues with my computer connecting to my home Wi-Fi. My boyfriend's laptop (toshiba operating on windows 7), his phone (iPhone), my phone (samsung galaxy s4), and iPod are ALL connecting to my Home internet connection, EXCEPT MY FREAKING LAPTOP.

Problems with connecting to internet | Windows 8 Forums Nov 19, 2013 Privacy error when connecting through ethernet - Windows Problem Connecting To Internet Via Ethernet in Network and Sharing Hello all, I've seen many forums with the same issues, but to no avail I still am experiencing the same problems. I was given my desktop about a week ago by my uncle, and I wiped it cleaned and installed Windows 10 Pro. Connect Your Smartphone to a Laptop Running Windows 8 Jul 11, 2020

It's easy to connect a Windows 8 device to your CenturyLink WiFi modem. This video provides the step-by-step information to get and stay connected. Don't worry about taking notes or writing anything down—detailed instructions are also available below the video.

Sep 16, 2016

Disable Automatic Wireless Connections on Windows

HP PCs - Troubleshooting Wireless Network and Internet The Windows 8 Network and Internet Troubleshooter tests the network for problems and attempts automatic repairs for any issues found. Use this tool from Microsoft to test and repair the connection. If your computer has a wireless key or button on or near the keyboard and the wireless activity light is off or amber in color, and then press the Connecting and Troubleshoot Internet Connectivity Issues Jul 06, 2020 iPhone Connecting to Internet Using Windows PC's Network