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Vuze; iDownloader torrent app for iPad . Unfortunately, there is no uTorrent for iPad. Apple went to great lengths to ban all torrent clients from App Store, so currently the only iPad torrenting apps` available are those by third parties and download managers. One of the best such tools is iDownloader. Convert Video to iPhone, Android & More - Vuze Bittorrent Quickly convert and play video on iPhone, Android, PS3, Xbox, and many other devices Can you use vuze on an iPad - Answers The iPad will not play a DVD. DVDs can be streamed from a computer and watched on the iPad with apps such as PopCorn DVD (See links below) or they can be converted to an iPad friendly video format Best Torrent Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android

Sep 08, 2012

Aug 23, 2012 · Hello, I'm the creator of Bar Magnet, an OS X app which lets you add torrents to the Vuze Web UI plugin et al. The iOS version of Bar Magnet has been in the works for several months and is nearing completion. It allows for a lot more than just adding torrents, unlike the desktop app.

Dec 08, 2017

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