How do I change the LAN TCP/IP settings on my Nighthawk

Aug 10, 2005 Create a separate subnet - NETGEAR Communities If that's all, the most simple and low-know-how way would be using the existing network as a "by-pass" network, add a WiFi router in NAT mode, plus a network switch if more Ethernet ports are required, and configure that LAN on a different IPv4 subnet, Just adding a VLAN capable switch, even with L3 routing, won't help much in my opinion. Setup a Second Wireless Router on Your Home Network Jul 25, 2011 Should two routers use the same subnet mask? - TechSpot Forums Oct 11, 2013

Network Administration: Subnet Basics - dummies

What is a subnet? | How subnetting works | Cloudflare A subnet mask is like an IP address, but for only internal usage within a network. Routers use subnet masks to route data packets to the right place. Subnet masks are not indicated within data packets traversing the Internet — those packets only indicate the destination IP address, which a router will match with a subnet.

Create a separate subnet - NETGEAR Communities

Internet Addresses and Subnets - IP Addresses: Lots More Jul 15, 2020