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cypress – hpc Aug 22, 2016 Installers - Smart Card These installers provide the TokenD modules which no longer ship directly from Apple as part of macOS beginning with Lion v10.7. Note that these installers will only install onto the corresponding macOS version. The TokenD modules available for installation are: BELPIC, CAC, CACNG, JPKI and PIV, which have all been updated to build 50000 and bundle IDs of org.macosforge.smartcardservices SvnTrac_Wiki - IT-wiki

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General modem information that should be understood is located on the Gateworks Modem Wiki Page. Note, because this modem uses raw-ip, the IP from the provider will not automatically be applied to the interface. The provider will give an IP and then it must manually be applied to the wwan0 interface. Powered by Trac 1.2.2 By Edgewall Software.

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