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Wow, I feel bad for you because none of the other answers actually said something useful. You want to unblock sites? I have 4 ways. Firstly, is it an extension that is blocking you?

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May 05, 2017 · How To Setup Unblock-Us on Mac OSX - Duration: 4:33. Unblock-Us 243,142 views. 4:33. This is How I Access blocked websites on my College Wi 3 WAYS ON HOW TO UNBLOCK WEBSITES ON SCHOOL May 15, 2019 · Click the Websites tab; Click Pop-up Windows on the left sidebar. In here you can see the “currently open websites”. You can adjust your settings for these individual websites. If you want to block popups, find the “When visiting other websites” option (bottom of the window). There are two options to block: Block and Block and Notify. Aug 07, 2019 · Open 1Focus and click the Websites tab. Under Blocked Websites at the top, click the plus button to add one. You can also add Exceptions on the bottom right if you like. Blocked websites with 1Focus on Mac. Next, set up a schedule for when and how long you want to block the websites. Click the Schedule tab at the top. Jan 29, 2020 · Accessing blocked websites on Mac hardware can be as easy as running specialized software each time you connect to the internet. VPNs are especially powerful in this regard, as they let you access blocked content without sacrificing overall speed. Read below for our full guide on how to unblock websites on a Mac. Jul 14, 2017 · Check Also: How To Unblock Facebook At School. Steps to Unblock Blocked Websites at School on Windows. There are many methods to access blocked websites when you’re using Windows OS. Recast the URL. This trick works only when the domain name doesn’t have an unverified SSL. You simply need to follow a few steps listed below. Jul 11, 2016 · In this video I will show you how to block websites on your mac using terminal and the following script: sudo nano /etc/hosts To block, use this code: