SELinux (Security-Enhanced Linux): SELinux, or Security-Enhanced Linux, is a part of the Linux security kernel that acts as a protective agent on servers. In the Linux kernel, SELinux relies on mandatory access controls ( MAC ) that restrict users to rules and policies set by the system administrator. MAC is a higher level of access control

SELinux is one of security layer in Linux which protect the directory, files, process and ports with its own labels by preventing unauthorised access. Read more. Security Generate a CSR Certificate Signing Request in Linux. Babin Lonston-Modified date: January 8, 2020 0. Docker and High Security Microservices: A Summary of Aaron Aug 14, 2016 Full internet security software for ubuntu? Dec 17, 2010 Thinking of a Cybersecurity Career - Krebs on Security

Full internet security software for ubuntu?

Security assurance of MongoDB in singularity LXCs: an Nowadays Linux containers (LXCs) which have operating system level virtualization, are very popular over virtual machines (VMs) which have hypervisor or kernel level virtualization in high performance computing (HPC) due to reasons, such as high portability, high performance, efficiency and high security (Chae et al in Clust Comput 22:1765-1775 Overview of Linux Kernel Security Features -

Linux Command-Line Editors Vulnerable to High-Severity Bug

Qubes OS. Qubes OS is a security-oriented Fedora-based distro that ensures security by … Why Linux is better than Windows or macOS for security Linux distros that target security as a primary feature include Parrot Linux, a Debian-based distro that Moore says provides numerous security-related tools right out of the box. Device protection in Windows Defender Security Center Jun 26, 2020