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Jan 25, 2017 Sudo | SpigotMC - High Performance Minecraft sudo. Simply run commands as other players, or chat as them. Sick of other poorly-integrated sudo-solutions? Use sudo. How do I use sudo? It's easy: /sudo . What's input? Exactly what they would type in their chat bar (i.e. starting with / for commands, text for everything else). Want to run commands as console? /sudo c / Run commands as root with sudo - GeeksforGeeks Before describing “sudo” command I want to talk a bit about visudo What is visudo – visudo is a command to edit configuration file for sudo command located at /etc/sudoers .You should not edit this file directly with normal editor, always use visudo for safety and security.

sudo (/ s uː d uː / or / ˈ s uː d oʊ /) is a program for Unix-like computer operating systems that allows users to run programs with the security privileges of another user, by default the superuser. It originally stood for "superuser do" as the older versions of sudo were designed to run commands only as the superuser. However, the later versions added support for running commands not

Commands /sudo - Run a command as console /sudo -u - Run a command /passwd - (Ingame) Brings up prompts to change your password /passwd - (Console) Change someone's password. Setup. This plugin will generate a folder at plugins/Sudo which contains sudoers.txt and passwords.yml. How to Know if a User has Sudo Rights - Linux Handbook The sudo command itself gives you an option to check if a user can run commands with sudo or not. In fact, it tells you what commands a certain user can run with sudo. To check the sudo access for a user, run the following command: sudo -l -U user_name. If the user can run a few or all commands with sudo, you should see an output like this:

Running sudo on an entire script. If any of the required sudoer configuration requirements for individual commands is not in place, Discovery applies sudo to the initial and complete probes, and does not execute sudo remotely inside the command.

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