Set up the Internet connection on the PC, and plug the PS3 into the other Ethernet port. Run the ICS wizard, and Windows will assign the PS3 an IP address and share the Internet connection with it. So, there's your workaround. However, it's MUCH easier, and in everyone's best interest to have a router installed between your gear and the Internet. It does not matter if you use WiFi or an Ethernet cable to connect the use of the PS3 on the internet is free, the internet is the same charge to you with or without a PS3. Connect the PS3 console to the Internet viaADSL-modem. To connect a set-top box to an ADSL connection, we need a router or a modem with router functions. We connect the console in the same way as described in the point about connecting the console via VPN. Verify Internet connection. The PlayStation 3 must be connected to the Internet to connect to Netflix. Click here if you need help to Troubleshoot Wired or Wireless Network Connection. Unable to connect to Netflix Message. If you receive a "We're unable to connect you to Netflix. Jul 23, 2020 · How to Connect Your PS3 to the Internet - Duration: 3:37. Peyton Recommended for you. 3:37. Ken Block FINALLY HOONS The New FORD MUSTANG MACH-E! - Duration: 15:38.

Oct 11, 2015 · Turn on your modem and router. Turn on the PS3. Choose Internet Connections and select Enabled. Select the Easy option and press the X button.

Apr 03, 2008 · ..::Wired Guide::.. Simple guide showing how to connect to the internet on Playstation 3

The PS3 offers two ways to connect to the Internet: the “easy” method, which assumes that you are using an unprotected DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) connection, and the “custom” method, which adds additional options to set up the connection.

Apr 03, 2008 · ..::Wired Guide::.. Simple guide showing how to connect to the internet on Playstation 3 Unplug all network devices including the PS3 system. Wait a few minutes before turning them back on – this will refresh the network settings. Check your router manual — to connect with a PS3 system, your router must support 802.11b or 802.11g wireless protocols. If you are using an 802.11n router, it should be set to mixed mode.